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Map Visualization Services of China's Historical Disasters

Brief introduction:

The service interface of online map resources is generated by MapServer following international web service interface standards. Multi-types China historical disaster maps are released as WebGIS service. The map data has interoperability capacity, and it can be exchanged in the sub centers of IKCEST.


WebGIS visualization technology is applied in historical disaster knowledge service. Maps can be released online as geographic data. All the maps have been geometric correction and can be overlaid with each other. MapServer and LeafletJS technologies are used to support the visualization function.


When the online map opened, the detailed information of map is displayed, containing the title, category, label, latitude, longitude, zoom current, zoom max, zoom min and the content of the map. In the “Fullscreen” mode, users can edit the GeoJson data online, such as adding new marker, new polyline, or new polygon. Common operations such as browsing, zooming, overlaying are also supported.

Map1 operation

Map2 operation