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Application and evaluation of integrated drought monitoring method to Inner Mongolia

Date: 2018-09-19      View counts: 6243    


LI Xinghua, LI Yunpeng, YANG Liping
Journal of Arid Land Resources and Environment
Drought monitoring
Paper Keyword
drought monitor; satellite remote sensing; integrated application; soil moisture; NDVI
For soil moisture and drought monitoring and evaluation services in Inner Mongolia, the organic combination of soil moisture of ground - based observations and satellite remote sensing can get a goal of complement of each other, so that drought service can be accurate and timely. When applying of satellite remote sensing method to monitored the drought, we should use the thermal inertia in the spring( before June 1) , the vegetation index in summer( July to August) ; ground - based monitoring should be used in autumn. In addition, due to the satellite remote sensing monitoring is affect by the monitoring time and the growth characteristics of plants, so the monitoring results will inevitably exist hysteresis effect, particularly for judgeing the early drought it is more vague, Satellite remote sensing is more suitable for the case of continuous drought in the dynamic drought monitoring and evaluation services.
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