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Data Sharing Practices of Space Science in China(2016)

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The video describes space science data management model and the experiences in terms of data use in China. The multi-level data organization model is expounded, and standards, such as metadata standard, data classification and storage standard etc., are also explained. Chinese Space Science Data Center (CSSDC) established a space science database and a meta database based on this set of data organization model in data practices, which supports several data sharing systems. These systems contain a variety of functions, including data resources, data analysis, data simulation, data visualization and so on, such as space science data sharing platform, solar-terrestrial and astronomical research network. These systems provide long-term service to the scientific community. The entire life cycle management of scientific data is basically realized in the Strategic Priority Program on Space Science (SPP), from project demonstration to data archiving. Taking SPP as an example, we comprehensively introduce data management at different stages of the entire life cycle of data, analyze the software, tools and key technology in practices and conclude the experience in system development, software and tools usage and data sharing.

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ZOU Ziming
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Ph.D. Professor
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National Space Science Center, CAS
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